“Between true friends, even water drunk together is sweet enough”.
As the African proverb suggests Thirsty Tijani is brewed to leave a memorable experience on the palate, transforming even a simple occasion into a unforgettable memory of a good time enjoyed amongst friends.
Made from a blend of water, pils malt, munich malt, styrian wolf hops, yeast and saaz hops,
Thirsty Tijani is brewed to quench your thirst anytime any day!
“Make we go Shayo!”, which means “let us go grab a drink’’ in West African pidgin.
Spicy Sango beer is a drink for friends and to be shared among friends who become family.
Spicy Sango is a robust, aromatic unfiltered beer made from a blend of water, pils malt, wheat malt, hop, yeast, and Nigerian ginger.
Spicy Sango is brewed to excite the palate on any given day or occasion!
“He who dips his finger into honey does not dip it once”
Sunny Kwesi is a taste you are compelled to return to. This is a bold, dark, strong beer brewed for those that truly desire a good quality beer.
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